If you are hospitalized with a medical emergency we will fly you home.

We offer premium air ambulance insurance that will bring you to the hospital of your choice.


Ideal for one-time travel under 30 days.

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Perfect for those traveling more than once during a one year span and expatriates living abroad.

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True Insurance... True Peace of Mind

We offer true insurance that is regulated, we are not an unregulated membership program. We specialize and offer Medical Evacuation insurance specifically to fly you home to your hospital of choice in the event of a medical emergency.

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The Best Service

We offer the best service through our ownership affiliation with Air Ambulance Worldwide, which manages all of our emergency medical transportation flights.  This ensures the best service levels in the industry. We do not outsource flights to the lowest bidder and our flights are all regulated for proper emergency evacuations.

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Affordable Premium Cost & Coverage You Need

Unlike other providers, Travel MedEvac focuses only on what is important... getting you home in the event of a medical emergency. Beware of other plans that provide evacuation coverage only to the "nearest suitable facility", rather than to your home hospital. We provide the evacuation coverage you need in the event of a medical emergency, and our prices are lower because we do not package your medical evacuation insurance with other non essential coverage such as trip cancellation, lost baggage, etc.